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Meet Robin

Associate Certified Coach

M.A. Communications 

Meet Steve

Associate Certified Coach 



And What Else? What’s possible? How do I start?

If you ask yourself these questions you’re not alone! As a Life Coach, Communications Professor, and parent I help young adults to those reaching retirement explore their own answers to these questions. What’s more, I felt this way too. That’s how I found life coaching.

Transitions can be tough. For me, I was looking for my sense of renewed purpose.  My kids flew the nest, I’d been teaching for over 20 years, and I felt a little stagnant. I thought to myself, And What Else? Then, Steve and I discovered the UC Davis Professional and Life Coaching Certification Program. Not only did we learn how to coach others but, we were coached and this coaching lead to seeing what was possible in our own lives then taking manageable actions to get there.  I now approach life with a sense of progression not perfection.

My personal mission in life is to continually learn and grow and to help others do the same.  Change can be difficult. As a Life Coach I am committed to being completely present for my client, partnering with them to reach their own personal vision and goals for themselves. I have worked with young adults on figuring out the path they’d like to go in their lives both personally and professionally. I have worked with men and women at different stages of life exploring options for career change, better communication with loved ones, and figuring out “And What Else?”


I hope I have the opportunity to work with you too. If you would like to see what coaching is all about, sign up for a free 45 minute complimentary session.


I hope you live your life in AWE!


Steve M Headshot.jpeg

Steve Matthews brings to his coaching practice decades of experience working in and for large corporations and public institutions. Steve lights up when playing the role of a trusted coach; helping others navigate life work balance within the complexity and challenge of career building.

His approach is less about teaching a specific body of knowledge but more about an interactive process of guiding his clients through growth and skill development that allows them to have the inner-trust and self-reliance to move through their own personal life and work journey. This client quotes sums it up perfectly;


"Steve helped me uncover what was possible based on my wants, goals, and desires for life. He helped me attain and sustain the confidence to pursue it. Thanks to him I was able to land a new position that was more in line with my life plans and I'm well on my way towards achieving so many of them!"

Steve Matthews enjoys working with individuals in a group setting as well as one-on-one. He invests in his practice through active participation in the International Coaching Federation (ICF) development programs and its local chapter, of which he is Past-President.

While not in an office (home or otherwise) you will find Steve pursuing an active lifestyle reminiscent of those living in the Blue Zones. Most recently he has embarked on multiple hiking or biking trips; travelling slowly town to town in order to live in the spirit of adventure and wonder.

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