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The Life Coach Approach is more than a coaching practice, it's a philosophy. It's a way of being. 

  • Being curious.

  • Being connected.

  • Being inspired. 

  • Being motivated.


​When you apply the Life Coach Approach to everyday living you will find that things come easier, relationships are better, and you live the life you’ve always wanted.

By taking the Life Coach Approach you can:

  • Uncover your hopes and dreams

  • Renew the spark between your partner and you

  • Have better conversations with family and friends

  • Improve relationships and results at work


CONNECT with the Life Coach Approach through one on one coaching sessions, workshops, inspirational talks, and a blog.

Start living the life that you are meant to have! 

Our Story

Steve & Robin Matthews

The Life Coach Approach came to us as an idea, an inspiration at a time that was most unlikely.


Despite being happily married, raising three wonderful kids, and having successful careers we were seeking more balance and purpose. A chapter of our life was ending. We didn’t know what to do next. Our children were grown. Our parents were aging. Work was mundane. We asked ourselves:

  • What do I want?

  • What am I capable of?

  • What’s a dream I once had?

  • What would I regret not pursuing?

Searching for answers we enrolled in the UC Davis Professional and Life Coaching program. We spent six months and hundreds of hours learning and becoming certified as coaches. Not only did we learn how to coach others, but the surprising result was that through coaching our questions were answered! We discovered we could live a fulfilled life honoring the past, enjoying the present, and creating the future.

Excited about what we learned; we developed The Life Coach Approach. Our mission is to help others find their own answers and to teach them how to use coaching skills in their everyday lives.


So, what’s your story?

When we aren’t coaching, teaching, or blogging you might find us on a trail (with our dog Dodger), on a paddle board (with Dodger), or exploring new places and making new friends (with Dodger).​

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What we Provide

Robin provided me a safe and comfortable environment to be vulnerable.  This helped me effectively seek resolution to the issues I needed to work through.  Robin was extremely friendly and authentic which supports true connection.  This experience was extremely beneficial for me and I highly recommend Robin for your coaching needs.

Steve was very supportive in my journey through a leadership development program and coached me as I self-reflect on my career journey. As a result I was able to move up in the organization to a leadership role.

Robin’s positive energy, transparency and encouraging tips made each session, something to look forward to.  Her coaching helped gain awareness of and clarify my personal goals/priorities, better understand my thoughts, feelings, and to accomplish weekly professional goals.

“Steve is a positive force who knows how to facilitate and steer a group to have productive conversations where each team member is heard, collaborates, and is allowed to learn from one another.”

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